Easy Videos On How to Learn to Sing

Videos on How to SingI am by no means a master at singing and still have a long ways to go myself.  I have learned a few things along the way though and wanted to include what I have figured out so that you won’t have the same struggles that I experienced.  If you are just starting out, these videos will be a great resource for you to start learning.  I started with some of these videos and they offer simple advice that you can follow on a regular basis.  As always, I recommend learning good habits in the beginning because usually, it takes twice as long to unlearn them.  Posture was one of my worst struggles and took me the longest to overcome.  If you feel we should add to this post, please post in the comment section below so we can update this document.  Snagmusic is a free resource for all and I want to offer the most value I can to fellow singers.

Singing Videos to Getting you Started

Like I said earlier, posture can make a difference in how you perform.  It may not be the most important thing but I feel that it is overlooked by many beginning students.  This video outlines how to stand correctly which will impact your breathe and help you feel more relaxed.  Also, you will notice yourself standing with better posture throughout the day.

This is a great video that reviews pitch.  Pitch can be very haunting for many of the beginner singers out there.  This will cover some ideas to help you in general.  A great thing that is mentioned in this video is going easy on yourself.  If you go easy on yourself, you will be able to keep on pushing through.  Getting your mental game together can be the hardest thing to do!

Some great breathing tips here!  There are some good exercises in this video that you should try and also helps you with good habits to learn upfront.  The open throat technique is something you should start with and move on from there.  I will be adding more content to this section soon and will eventually make some videos of my own.  Keep practicing and share below any additional tips that you may have.


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